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As the only company in the Czech Republic, we focused only on sale aplechových protective plastic covers under the engine of the vehicle. We stock engine covers for almost all types of cars and trucks (AudiBMWCitroenDaciaFordFiatKiaMercedesOpelPeugeotOpelRenaultSeatŠkodaVolvoVW and more other). We specialize exclusively on engine covers, or covers on gear more than 10 years.

We are here for you most of all to save you money, sometimes up to several thousand. You ask how do we do it? Our plastic covers are made of HDPE or PE plastic covers are therefore hard, flexible and temperature resistant. We do not use poor quality brittle materials, with ABS. Our covers are much cheaper than the original, but is perfectly fills. We guarantee high quality at relatively low cost.

Why buy housing with us? Simple answer, we specialize only on the engine covers that we can guarantee both the quality, speed and precision mainly covers with originals. Our many years of experience selling guarantee covers the verification and "passing on the wagon" in practice.

For what are this skids plates?

1) It protects the engine compartment from all unwanted influences (water, dust, mud, rocks, and especially salt.

These side effects can cause quite a lot of damage. From corrosion of metal parts for damage electronic devices (sensors, computer, wiring, etc.).

2) Covers thus increasing engine life and reduce fuel consumption.

Keep warm air that the engine produces during combustion. Engine will heat faster and longer keeps the temperature (cold engine has up to 3x higher consumption and must be even more strain).

3) Reduce engine noise.

4) Extend the life of spare parts and accessories (alternator, starter motor, belts, pulleys, etc.).

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